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RUFFRescued Unwanted Furry Friends (Fort Walton Beach, FL)
RUFFRyerson University Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
RUFFRescue Unwanted Furry Friends (Fort Walton Beach, FL)
RUFFRescuing Unwanted Friendly Fidos (Brooksville, FL)
RUFFRoseville Urban Forest Foundation (est. 1995; California)
RUFFReal Ulster Freedom Fighters (UK)
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Ruff, who a spokesman said was in his 70s, died Wednesday at Conway Regional Medical Center after an extended illness.
Having all embarked on their own successful careers, the Ruff Ryders crew is officially reuniting for a one-night only concert in Brooklyn, New York.
By donating shoes to Ruff Transport, the shoes will be given a second chance and make a positive difference in people's and rescued animal's lives.
Ruff and Garrett move into their new roles effective immediately.
But between 8 years of age and maturity, even chimps get considerably taller and heavier than Graves and her colleagues say Turkana Boy did, Ruff said, a sign that Graves' team underestimated adolescent growth in H.
The designs on Ruff Hewn feature plaids and lodge looks, along with motifs such as moose and elk, in deep red, green and blue palettes.
Ruff said the Veneta area site is closed for the winter, and a caretaker found nothing amiss when he made his rounds on March 13.
The first duck of the morning splashed and when I sent Ruff, he launched into the black waters.
Married dad-of-four Mr Ruff, a finance director for Able UK in Billingham, died at the scene from multiple injuries.
David Pentland, chief executive officer of Ruff Dawg and Jefferson Rubber, said the purchase was a logical fit for Ruff Dawg, since the two companies produce different pet products and have different price points.
He loves grouse and guides hunters to many ruffs each fall, but also enjoys the change of pace and scenery that other upland birds afford--pheasants, prairie grouse and the desert quails.
Mr Ruff, who has owned the hall for 17 years, said: "With all that happened, it has been a very tough year.