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RUVIResource Unit for Visually Impaired People (Mitchell Library; Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
RUVIRural Village (GIS database work)
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Shouts out to the Bible/ Yeah it has some bad advice, Ruvi raps.
However, Ruvi Ziegler and Shai Otzari suggest that the distinction principle is qualified:
O lirio del campo lucido Aleli, rosa sin espinas fragante jazmin linda margarita precioso ruvi, a ti todo el Orbe te alabe sin fin.
Achieving success with the RUVI will require a culture change within the organization.
In the ladies Division (Flight 3): Sarah Villar/Khyle Acosta of Fleeq (Champion) and Shirley dela Rosa/Carmi Hadjiri of KBC (2nd Place); Flight 4: Emma dela Vega/Danielle Ann Eugenio of FBB (Champion) and Jocelyn Cabradilla/Angela Louise Atis of Smaikers New Gen/MBA (2nd Place); Flight 5: Jasmin Ching/Shiela Cortez of KBC (Champion) and Lala Ducusin/Fhe Ramos of Smash Arabia (2nd Place); and Flight 6: Farhana Matanog/Carla Ocena of KBC (Champion) and Ruvi Azumbrado/Linda Galila of Jaunty (2nd Place).
But Likud Knesset member Ruvi Rivlin says that to compare the Netanyahu campaign to the Nazis takes Israeli politics to a new low: