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RVARaad Voor Accreditatie (Dutch Board for Accreditation)
RVARichmond, VA
RVARelative Virtual Address
RVARift Valley Academy (Kijabe, Kenya)
RVARabies Vaccine Adsorbed
RVARapid Visco Analyzer (Foss Food Technology Corp.)
RVARegie des Voies Aériennes
RVARAMAC Virtual Array (IBM storage system)
RVARight Ventricular Apical (electrode position, electrophysiology, cardiology)
RVARange of Variability Approach (hydrology)
RVARecorded Voice Announcement
RVARisk and Vulnerability Assessment
RVARear Velocity Adjuster (part of a paintball gun)
RVAReactive Volt-Ampere
RVAResidential Ventilation Association (UK)
RVARemote Vulnerability Assessment
RVAReuse Value Added
RVAReverse Vending Association
RVARijkdsdienst Voor Arbeidsvoorziening
RVARegular Veterans Association of the United States
RVARelative Volt Ampere
RVARichmond Virginia Art (community art project)
RVARemote Voltage Adjustment
RVARécupération Véhicules Accidentés (French automotive repair business)
RVAResearch Venture Award (Indiana University)
RVARafael Vinoly Architects (various locations)
RVARoyal Virtual Airlines
RVARemote Vendor Access (computer security)
RVAReduced Visual Acuity
RVARotating Vane Anemometer (ventilation and air quality testing)
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Julie Yorke runs The Little Gem gift shop in Southampton and last year agreed to a visit from RVA after "constant cold calling".
I've heard from a string of small businesses who say they've been trapped into lengthy costly contracts with RVA, run by 53-year-old Stephan Hughes ((pic)) from Hale, Cheshire.
RVA Financial empowers many individuals who are often overlooked by other financial institutions.
Out of the 67 cadavers, in one cadaver we found ARSCA along with aberrant RVA was originating from RCCA.
Continued decommissioning support is being provided for a tank farm complex and RVA is also finalising the contractor selection process for the demolition of two aromatics plants, with a proposed mobilisation date of January 2018.
The immune-dominant epitopes were identified within the bovine RVA VP6 protein by Protean software implemented in DNA STAR using various predictive algorithms.
During the 2010-11 surveillance season, the New Vaccine Surveillance Network identified an RVA strain, RVA/human-wt/USA/2011729115/2011/G2P[4] (2011729115), which also contained a vaccine-derived NSP2 gene.
Repetem-se os passos 1 e 2 B vezes para produzir a distribuicao bootstrap da estatistica da RVA [{RV [A.
A review of the literature suggests there is no current consensus on treatment for RVAs, and true RVAs are rare with less than 10 total cases reported.
RVA infection and circulating genotypes in children in Brazil have been well characterized.
The company slipped into financial problems due to the crisis in the sector and a claim ofA EUR 220,000 (USD 163,000) plus interestA from the RVA employment agency.