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RVFRift Valley Fever (febrile disease caused by a virus)
RVFRaster Vector Format
RVFRacial Volunteer Force (neo-Nazi group)
RVFRemote Virtual File (protocol)
RVFRight Ventricular Failure
RVFRelaxed Vector Fitting (algorithm)
RVFResidual Volume Fraction
RVFRetroversion-Flexion (uterine position)
RVFRational Valuation Formula (economics)
RVFRegio-Verkehrsbund Freiburg (Freiburg, Germany)
RVFRiver Valley Flyers (Wisconsin)
RVFRated Voltage Factor
RVFRacing V-Four (motorcycle engine)
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During February 2010, following heavy rainfalls across large parts of the country, an explosive and geographically extensive RVF epizootic occurred (Figures 1, 2).
Rupert Zaragosa (left) and Park Min Ung walk on the fairway to the fifth hole during the first round of the 20th WWWExpress-DHL RVF Cup Amateur Golf Championship in Canlubang yesterday.
Under different aspects the group of canzones from RVF 125 to 129 is of particular significance within the whole of the so-called Canzoniere.
RVF epidemics occurred in South Africa in 1950-1951 (7), 1973-1975 (8), and 2010-2011.
RVF was discovered in Kenya in 1930 and was subsequently found in many countries of sub-Saharan Africa (1); spread beyond this region into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen was noted from 1977 to 2007 (4).
On March 11, the blood specimens from both patients were found to be positive for RVF by reverse transcription--polymerase chain reaction and RVF immunoglobulin M testing.
194) che, come fa notare il curatore, riprendono i RVF CXXXVI, 1 (p.
Essi si possono dividere in due parti, pure intimamente connesse: Luna di natura "teorica", l'altra di lecturae, volta a scandagliare da vicino i testi in questione (Purgatorio 26 e 27, Paradiso 14 e una sestina petrarchesca di ispirazione petrosa, ovvero RVF 66).
01) correlations with different growth parameters (leaves plant-1, stem girth, LSR), nutrients (N, P, K, Fe) quality traits (CP, RVF, RFQ) and fodder yield (GHY, DMY and CPY) but significantly and negatively (pless than 0.
Mortality was quite high among patients of TVD presented with RVF (72.
Also, this study demonstrated that patients with CHD have a decline in RVF directly subsequent to cardiac surgery, not considering the side of surgery.
RVF is caused by the mosquito-borne phlebovirus, also belonging to the family Bunyaviridae.