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RVHRoyal Victoria Hospital (Montreal, Quebec; Belfast, Northern Ireland)
RVHRight Ventricular Hypertrophy (heart)
RVHRéseau Ville Hopital (French: City Hospital Network)
RVHReactor Vessel Head (nuclear plant)
RVHRenal Vascular Hypertension
RVHRenfrew Victoria Hospital (Renfrew, Ontario, Canada)
RVHRevenue Vehicle Hour
RVHRainier Valley Harmonizers (now Puyallup Valley Harmonizers; Washington)
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The taxi driver insisted on taking him to the RVH and when got there he was told he needed plastic surgery on his hand at the Ulster Hospital and no one would be available until Monday.
Abnormalities such as RAE, RVH, RBBB, low voltage ECG SVT and APCs were more prevalent in very severe COPD than in mild COPD.
All patients were subjected to ECHO examination including 2D and M-mode ECHO (Esaote MyLab Class C machine) to note the presence of pulmonary hypertension, RVH, RV dilatation, and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD).
As a secondary analysis we assessed the impact of embolism extension and the development of RVH on D-dimer concentration.
RVH is heading up the evaluation of different available recording media, including Bayer photopolymers.
Three human RVH strains from Asia (ADRV-N, J19, B219) (4-8) and a porcine RVH strain (SKA-1) (9) were identified during 1997-2002.
Disassembly of the existing components and welding of the new CRDMs on the new RVH and their installation in the containment vessel were performed by Aquilex WSI of the U.
She explains that RVH usually stems from one of three causes: congenital heart conditions, such as Tetralogy of Fallot or ventricular septal defects; pulmonary arterial hypertension; or pulmonary venous hypertension.
Because mitral stenosis (MS) causes left atrial and pulmonary arterial hypertension, which enlarge the left atrium and the right ventricle, respectively, the combination of LAE and RVH on ECG have always suggested MS.
TABLA III Relacion entre Vacuna Antirotaviral y Frecuencia de Infeccion por Rotavirus Vacuna RVH+ % RVH - % Total Si 2 6,25 30 93,75 32 No 41 21,58 149 78,42 190 Total 43 19,37 179 80,63 222 ** Vacuna Valor de p * Odds Ratio (IC 95%) Si p = 0,03688 0,02434 No (0,0377-0,9171) Total * = Chi cuadrado con correccion de Yates.
Results: The study included 141 males and 191 females aged 45 [+ or -] 15 years, with reliably verified state of the heart, in particular, 143 persons without hypertrophy, 129 persons with LVH, and 60 persons with RVH.
The group therefore set up RVH to sell, market and trade coal in Germany and abroad.