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Although the recent economic downturn has impeded progress, Rabig notes that NASH is constructing a formal small house training center in Northampton, Massachusetts, with lectures and observational visits open to interested providers coming from throughout the United States.
For GH[R]s and the more generic small-house nursing homes (Rabig and Rabig, 2008) to be maximally successful in improving resident psychological and social well being, the roles of leaders most responsible for psychosocial well being need to be adapted to the small-house models.
PROJECT DIRECTOR: Judith Rabig, The Green House Project[R]
Havener, RLA, LEED AP, Lappas + Havener; Alan Moore, AIA, chairman, CJMW Architecture; Karen Nichols, executive director, Cascades Verdae; Jude Rabig, RN, PhD, vice president, Masonic Health Institute; Barbara Summerford, president, GMK Interiors; Charlie Wilson, senior vice president, Buckner Retirement Services, Inc.