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RABARevenue Aligned Budget Authority
RABARichmond Area Bicycling Association (Virginia)
RABARedding Area Bus Authority (Redding, CA, USA)
RABARichmond Area Business Association (Vermont)
RABARadioactive Antigen-Binding Assay (molecular biology)
RABARochester Area Builders Association (Rochester, MN)
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In the riparian landscape of the Raba plot, SW was mostly found in willow hedges on the verge of the valley.
In minutes, the sludge transformed picturesque communities into scenes from a horror movie, with deaths, injuries, mass evacuations and threats to the Danube and Raba rivers, already heavily polluted in that nation.
Officials say the sludge could reach the Raba and Danube rivers.
Tees: Raba, Skandi Skolten, Olympic Hera, Containerships VIII.
INN-TV joined the thousands of early birds at the Western Wall in Jerusalem at 5 in the morning for Friday's Hoshana Raba <I>Vatikin</I> prayers.
But Kaboul's agent Rudy Raba has confirmed that his client would prefer a move south.
He wants to go to Portsmouth - he would prefer to go there," said Kaboul's agent, Rudy Raba.
And, while the boss publicly said he was hopeful both would join Sunderland, Kaboul's agent Rudy Raba has confirmed to The Journal his client has turned down the chance to join former team-mates Teemu Tainio and Pascal Chimbonda at the Stadium of Light in favour of a move to the South Coast.
Kaboul's agent Rudy Raba insisted last week there was no chance of his client moving to Sunder-land, even in the event of an earthguake, while Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp said his hopes of signing him were likely to be dashed by Villa.
But Kaboul's agent Rudy Raba has already indicated there is little chance of the defender making the move.
But Kaboul's agent Rudy Raba says his client has no intention of moving to Wearside because it would harm his international prospects and he has had more interesting offers from elsewhere.
Londoners Martin Dunn and Scott Raba, both 20, also slept rough outside the Millennium Stadium to get the best view.