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RABALRadiosonde BALloon Wind Data
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And since the 1950s, French cross-over stars such as Alain Delon and Jean-Louis Trintignant, and Spanish actors Fernando Rey and Francisco Rabal represent paradigmatically the transnational complexity of European cinematic production.
Veteran actors Fernando Fernan Gomez and Francisco Rabal, now in their seventies, are among the few to command leading roles in contemporary Spanish films.
Reacting to another twist of fate, hard-bitten industry types at the WFF cried openly when they heard about the death of Spanish actor Francisco Rabal.
The aged Goya, played with a stirring mixture of decrepitude and brio by Francisco Rabal, shares almost equal screentime with Jose Coronado as his younger self.
With Megan Follows, Stockard Channing, Francisco Rabal.
The cast includes two international stars known for their participation in art and author films: Francisco Rabal, playing the elderly gangster Villambrosa, and the Portuguese Maria de Medeiros.