RAEMERoyal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
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was the seller of 91-93 Chambers Street, and Raeme Realty Corp the seller of 95 Chambers Street, while Gross procured the purchaser.
G RAEME Shields gazes sadly at the row of medals and trophies won by his sport-mad boy and shakes his head.
The timespan covered is from 1939 to the present, and this was sufficient to generate a bewildering array of badges and patches of the 1st Australian Parachute Bn, Z and M Special Units, RAEME Rangers, the NZ LRDG, the SAS (of both countries), the RAN Clearance Divers.
RAEME Jarman will find Gfew sympathetic ears in the North East for his complaints about the trial which led to his conviction for the murder of Judith Richardson in her Hexham home.