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RAMORegional Aviation Medical Officer (Canada)
RAMORevenue Audit Memorandum Order (Philippines)
RAMORisk Adjusted Measure of Outcome
RAMORisk-Adjusted Monitoring of Outcomes (California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development)
RAMORadiographic Angle of Mouth Opening (oral rehabilitation)
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Untitled" from Collezione Ramo can be seen at collectorspace until Aug.
An independent district would expedite the socio-economic development of the people along with creation of Ramo circle, he added.
To survive this age, Ramo suggests that we will need to think and act like revolutionaries, or else we will become victims of the revolution.
Ramo formulates the new concept of "deep security", a "whole new way of composing a grand-strategic view".
Before they can arrive, though, Havar tells Ramo she is ill.
For example, Gruntman cites how disagreements with Howard Hughes led to the resignation of two leading specialists (Simon Ramo and Dean Wooldridge [Ramo-Wooldridge]) and, with financial help from Thompson Products, eventually to the formation of Thompson Ramo Wooldridge (TRW) (p.
El poeta tomo un ramo de olivo y lo ofrecio al viento.
I cannot imagine any other city in the world being able to mount a festival such as IgorFest," comments O ramo.
Ramo, as we like to call his drunken alter ego, was slamming beers, ordering rounds of shots, and making sure everyone around him had a drink in their hand.
I say this as one who has successfully directed major competitive proposals for Hughes Aircraft, Ford Aerospace, Librascope and Ramo Wooldridge.
On April 7, Father Juan Ramo Nunez was assassinated while celebrating Mass, together with a layman, Joaquin Quebrada.