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RANDResearch And Development
RANDReasonable and Non-Discriminatory (licensing terms)
RANDRural Area Network Design
RANDRadio Array Neutrino Detector
RANDRandom Challenge Memory
RANDRapid Access to NCI (National Cancer Institute) Discovery Resources (US NIH)
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Rand also plays the hulking but humble Moshe Bellanga.
Rand should have been judged in the same manner--and reason should be humbled by her performance.
Despite the buzz about whether he will leave Avis, Rand couldn't give any details about what the future may hold for him.
Rand's Lynn Levine regards 118 West 72 Street's restoration as a true team effort, internally within Rand as well as with the building's management team, board of directors and repair contractor.
Yet as Contributing Editor Cathy Young shows in her brilliant essay about "Ayn Rand at 100," Rand continues not merely to draw our attention but to command it.
One alternative, Rand said, would be to fund a number of projects to design and build prototype aircraft, which could provide an incentive for manufacturers to keep their design teams and other infrastructure in place, according to the Rand reports.
His appointment to the CEO spot at Avis is the culmination of what many, including BLACK ENTERPRISE, had forecast when Rand was named president of Xerox U.
In recent years, at last, some analysis of Rand has appeared that is neither uncritical adulation nor unrelenting bashing.
Russian Writings on Hollywood'' (Ayn Rand Institute Press, 224 pages; $19.