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RIORio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Airport Code)
RIORock in Opposition (musical genre)
RIORadar Intercept Officer
RIORapidIO (Interconnect Architecture)
RIORimonabant in Obesity
RIOReference Interconnection Offer
RIORestore Iraqi Oil (US Army mission)
RIOReintegration of Offenders
RIORemote Input/Output
RIORight, I'm Off
RIORégie des Installations Olympiques
RIOReusable Information Object
RIOReshaping the International Order (book)
RIORegional Information Officer (USACE)
RIOResampled Inference of Orthologs
RIORéseau Intertropical d'Ordinateurs (French: Intertropical Network of Computers)
RIOResearch Instruction Online
RIOReverse Implied Odds (Poker)
RIOReverse Implement Option (riding lawnmowers)
RIORoma Initiatives Office (Open Society Institute)
RIORandom Insanity Online (website)
RIOResolution Independent Object(s)
RIOReporting In & Out
RIORibbonized Organized Integrated (aircraft wiring)
RIORandom Early Discard with In/Out (algorithm)
RIORegional Inspection Officer (India)
RIORemote Inside Option (Compaq)
RIORealistic Input/Output Opportunity
RIOResearch Innovation Office (various locations)
RIOReconfigurable Input/Output
RIORemote Infrastructure Operations
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IDTs RXS switches exceed the latest RapidIO 10xN specification and deliver more than twice the performance of IDTs previous generation of switches.
The IDT CPS-1848 and CPS-1616 belong to a broad portfolio of RapidIO switch and bridge offerings.
IDT is also making available its Gen2 Serial RapidIO Development Platform (SRDP2), a hardware platform using the IDT CPS-1848 and CPS-1616 switches, as well as multiple AMC slots and banks of SMA, InfiniBand and QSFP connectors.
Tundra's market leading RapidIO Switches connect high performance processors required to allow next generation wireless platforms to manage large volumes of voice and data traffic at high speeds while ensuring transmission integrity.
The RapidIO Interconnect Architecture, designed to be compatible with the most popular integrated communications processors, host processors, and networking digital signal processors, is a high-performance, packet-switched, interconnect technology.
These platforms include Mercury Computer's Ensemble platform, a RapidIO Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) development system; the RapidIO HIP (Hardware Interoperability Platform) manufactured by Silicon Turnkey Express; and Freescale Semiconductor's Torridon II Platform.
RapidIO is an in-the-box interface (maximum distance is 30 inches) for chip-to-chip and board-to-board communications.
The innovative switching platform from IDT along with the inherent features of RapidIO enable us to deliver this award-winning software," said Pieter Janssen, CEO at Prodrive.
The 100 ns latency and energy efficiency of our 50 Gbps RapidIO silicon is ideal for connecting the IBM POWER8-based servers for edge applications, said Sean Fan, IDTs vice president and general manager of IDTs Computing and Communications Division.
The company said that this proliferation of its RapidIO is a direct result of the performance benefits it brings to high-bandwidth applications, such as 4G and 3G wireless base stations.
Moreover, QNX's distributed processing eliminates the high CPU utilization associated with traditional forms of interprocessor communication, enabling developers to realize the exceptional multiprocessing capabilities of RapidIO technology.
IDT's Leading RapidIO Solutions Enable TI to Equip Developers of High-performance Applications with an Embedded System Offering Twice the Interconnect Throughput and Significantly Lower Latency