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RDDRedding (Amtrak station code; Redding, CA)
RDDRDF (Resource Description Framework) Declarative Description
RDDRequirements and Design Document (project process)
RDDRegime Disciplinar Diferenciado (Brazilian law)
RDDRandom Digit Dialing
RDDResilient Distributed Dataset (Apache Spark)
RDDReliable Data Distribution
RDDRadiological Dispersal Device
RDDRandom Digit Dial
RDDReal Disk Drive
RDDRelative Drawdown (foreign exchange market)
RDDRadar Detector Detector
RDDRadiological Dispersion Device
RDDRespiratory Drug Delivery
RDDRights Data Dictionary
RDDResponsibility-Driven Design
RDDRadiation Dispersal Device
RDDResearch, Development and Demonstration
RDDRegression Discontinuity Design (experiment design)
RDDResearch and Development Directorate
RDDRenault Driver Development
RDDRed Dragon Disciple (Dungeons and Dragons & Neverwinter gaming)
RDDRemise des Diplômes (French: Graduation Ceremony)
RDDReplaceable Database Driver
RDDRequirements Definition Document
RDDReliability Defect Density
RDDRational Drug Design
RDDResearch Data Design
RDDRedding, CA, USA - Redding Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
RDDRequirements Driven Development
RDDResearch Development Department
RDDReturn Data Delay
RDDReviewable Design Data (project implementation protocol; various organizations)
RDDRecommended Daily Dosage
RDDRigid Disk Drive
RDDRadio Direct Dial
RDDRequirements Determination Division
RDDRapports de Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Reports; various organizations)
RDDRoad Development Department (Sri Lanka)
RDDRequirement Definition Document
RDDRoyaume des Dragons (French: Dragon Realm; gaming clan)
RDDRequirement Driven Design
RDDRequirements Documentation Directorate
RDDRequired Delivery Date/Data
RDDRequested Due Date (telecommunications industry)
RDDRequirement Description Document
RDDRequired Delivery Density (fire sprinklers)
RDDRuggedized Disk Drive
RDDRassemblement pour La Démocratie Directe (French: Rally for Direct Democracy)
RDDRichard's Design Drafting LLC
RDDRenegade Decepticon Dissidents (gaming clan)
RDDRacial Disproportionality and Disparities
RDDRelative Delay Deviation
RDDRedeployment Date (US DoD)
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This amazing rational drug design approach has been transformative for sufferers of CML, turning their diagnosis from a certain death sentence to a manageable condition.
Our group's research focuses on the rational drug design of a novel peptidomimetic of the D-Ala-D-Ala peptidoglycan moiety as a bacterial cell wall synthesis inhibitor.
This procedure -- introducing a mutation at a specific site in a gene to alter the structure and shape of a protein -- was revolutionary in the early 1980s, although it is now a standard part of rational drug design.
Perosphere, a company that employs rational drug design to invent proprietary new small molecules for targeted therapeutic indications, has signed a clinical trial contract with Daiichi Sankyo (TYO: 4568),a global pharmaceutical company.
My laboratory and my work are mostly structured around rational drug design, and trying to define how drugs produce their desired and non-desired effects, so as to avoid the second, Pineyro said.
Eldar-Finkelman believes the new compound will be a lead one for treating central nervous system (CNS) disorders, "because it was based on rational drug design.
This work brings together pharmacochemistry researchers who are working on rational drug design to highlight the variety of approaches being employed in this field, such as approaches that start by considering molecular mechanisms of drug action, approaches that focus on the metabolizing enzyme action occurring in the structure of a drug molecule, and approaches that start from the pathobiochemistry and pathophysiology of target diseases.
Cyclacel Limited, a UK-based biopharmaceutical company, has announced progress in its genes-to-drugs CYC400 rational drug design program.
The company recently introduced a new rational drug design methodology, called Quantum Core Technology, to create drugs for various diseases including lead compounds for cancer and viral infections.
The bottom line is that, although the two forms of the enzyme seem very similar, their active sites are subtly different, and this could be a basis for rational drug design.
This strategy utilizes rational drug design for specific molecular targets, such as a receptor or an enzyme thought to be directly involved in a given disease.
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