RAV4Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD (Toyota)
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Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), a Japan-based automaker, is launching its all-new Rav4 later this month in New York.
The RAV4 has that real 4x4 feel to it, which gives you confidence that it would be absolutely fine on the rough stuff.
The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid has rugged good looks and fuel-saving technology he RAV4 Hybrid is a double act that is guaranteed to make you smile.
Under the bonnet, the key news is the introduction of the first RAV4 hybrid model.
The lightweight technology - there is no central propshaft - also gives RAV4 Hybrid a 1,650kg towing capacity.
On secondary roads, the RAV4 feels remarkably agile for an SUV.
In town, this, theamost ecological and powerful RAV4 ever,agoes smoothly and offers unexpected agility in traffic.
5 litre Atkinson Cycle petrol engine with a powerful electric motor, the new RAV4 Hybrid is available in both front-and all-wheel drive variants.
Design-wise, Toyota says the 2016 RAV4 comes with an "unconstrained" and "youthful vibe.
It is a tough challenge for Toyota, which has chosen to sculpt the RAV4 in a more, dare I say, conventional architecture.
Generally, response and progress was good and driving the RAV4 was a relaxed a
It deserves to be treated with this sort of respect; sales of the RAV4 approach five million since the first one appeared in 1994 and fuelled a worldwide demand for cars that look tough and chunky but enjoy the running costs of a normal family hatch.