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RAVERSRail Vehicle Records System
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He added: "There are many safety issues such as people camping by the reservoir, wandering onto the A525 and of course, if the ravers have not had much sleep themselves, then they will be extremely tired when they make their way home on our roads.
Well, I've shelled out $359 for my ticket and I plan to have the most amazing drug-free good time that a raver has ever experienced.
But a long-time member of Wales' underground rave scene, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Wales on Sunday that the lack of flexibility around licensing led to conflict between ravers and police.
Mark Cleminson, aka MC Speed, of Clennell House, Benwell, Newcastle, is another regular raver at NRG events.
Lady Alice called on landowners Forestry Commission Wales to patrol the site more frequently to keep away ravers, who she believes come from Liverpool and Manchester.
The ravers wore baggy clothes, they noted, and waved glowsticks, of all things, while dancing energetically for hours.
The bill also would have the perverse effect of discouraging event sponsors from taking precautions that could be viewed as evidence that they knew attendees would be using drugs, such as providing bottled water and chill-out rooms for ravers to protect against overheating and dehydration.
Five new specials from Galaxy Publications will be released next year, beginning with Ravers Clean Shaven on January 9.
More than 300 DJ's spun records for the music-hungry dancers and an estimated 22,500 ravers continued on to the "Energy" party at Zurich's Hallenstadion for Sfr59.
Thousands of ravers faced a wet weekend in a field outside Winchester at the Homelands festival.
And the records are made by ravers who know how to soundtrack their own choreography, by djs who understand what's needed to work a crowd's bodily reflexes.
NO ONE should have rescued those daft ravers who got stuck on an island in the Forth last weekend.