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During the hearing, River Ravi Commission's Secretary Advocate Rafeh Alam submitted that untreated domestic and industrial waste was being dumped in the Ravi, resulting in a high level of impurities in the water.
Being a part of Only Much Louder, which manages several Indian bands and musicians and also organises the NH7 Weekender festival, Ravi had access to plenty of people to interview.
where water enters into Pakistan boundary, is less than 22000 cusecs, showing that current flow of water recorded at Ravi bridge will be reduced from 22000 cusic in next 24 hours.
Rather than lunchers and brunchers, Ravi sees a "beach club during the day and a nightclub at night".
Perhaps the monkeys will show us where to search," Ravi said as one monkey tossed a nut at his hat.
Remembering Pandit Ravi Shankar, Mukherjee said: "His passing away from our midst has been a great loss to India and the world.
He leaves behind a rich and remarkable musical legacy that will be propagated through the Ravi Shankar Institute of Music and Performing Arts, New Delhi.
Nick, who lives in Brunton Park, has since gone on to forge a successful career as a full-time musician, producer and teacher, and toured with Ravi every year for the past nine years.
Choudhury who ran Kismet from 1963 to 1994, said whenever Ravi was performing in Liverpool he would come in for dinner.
Ravi was already a star in his native India when he first met the Fab Four in the 60s.
The finance minister can take a decision to amend the rule because it was framed by the Ministry of Finance, not a law passed by the Indian parliament, Ravi said in reply to a question.
But last week, Chelseasupporting Ravi was whisked off to a hotel in Hertfordshire for a special treat.