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RMDRequired Minimum Distribution (from a qualified plan)
RMDRichmond (Indiana)
RMDRemote Directory
RMDRemovable Media Device
RMDRisk Management Division
RMDRoche Molecular Diagnostics (medical equipment)
RMDRonald McDonald
RMDRadiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
RMDRecords Management Division
RMDResource Management Division
RMDRecords Management Department (various organizations)
RMDRelease on Minimum Documentation
RMDResearch Methods Division (various locations)
RMDRhythmic Movement Disorder
RMDRippling Muscle Disease
RMDRocky Mountain Double (truck combination)
RMDRegulated Metal Deposition (Welding)
RMDResource Management Decision (US DoD)
RMDRaw Materials Division (mining industry)
RMDRequired Markup Declaration (XML)
RMDRegional Managing Director
RMDRamagundam, India (Airport Code)
RMDRéseau Musique et Danse (French: Music and Dance Network)
RMDReligious Ministries Department (US Navy)
RMDRockman Dash (video game, released as Megaman Legends in US)
RMDRecording Management Data (optical disc recording)
RMDResource Management Directive
RMDRaw Materials Data (mining industry)
RMDRapid Model Development
RMDReady Money Down
RMDRelay, Manual, Delayed
RMDReadiness Management Division
RMDRémoise de Menuiseries et Dérivés (French)
RMDRacing Model Distribution (France)
RMDRetail Management and Design
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The unified data model from the minerals4eu and prosum projects will be applied to the datasets and outcomes will be combined with primary raw materials data.
In particular, a change control system must effectively accommodate supply chain interruptions, as the ability of a single-use system supplier to provide accurate raw materials data is crucial to the quality of high-value products.
PRODUCTION RANKS OF ANGLO AMERICAN, RIO TINTO, AND BHP IN 1996 MINING AAC RIO TINTO BHP ANTIMONY 1 - - BAUXITE - 3 - CHROMITE 1 - - COBALT 4 4 - COPPER 8 2 2 DIAMOND 1 6 - GOLD 1 3 19 IRON ORE - - 2 LEAD 17 - - MANGANESE 5 3 1 MOLYBDENUM - - 9 NICKEL 5 - - PGMS 1 6 - SILVER 23 7 25 TIN - 1 - TITANIUM 10 4 - URANIUM 8 - - VANADIUM 1 - - ZINC 19 9 - REFINING ALUMINUM - - - COBALT 5 22 - COPPER 16 - 5 FERROCHROM 1 - - E NICKEL 5 - - TIN - 23 - ZINC 13 - - Source: Raw Materials Data, Stockholm 1998.
Via a user-friendly, open-access Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform (EU-UMKDP), it will communicate the results online and combine them with primary raw materials data from the on-going Minerals4EU project.
NPIRI Publishes Revised Pigments Raw Materials Data Handbook
For technical information on pigments, ink makers have long consulted the Pigments Raw Materials Data Handbook (RMDH), which has been the source of a wide range of data on physical and chemical properties.