RBOTRotating Bomb Oxidation Test
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Rbot was perpetrated by organized crime groups that intended to use infected machines to steal data such as credit card numbers, or to extort companies with infected networks.
5 million from The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to fund the continued development of the company's rBOT and NGAV vaccine candidates.
The rBOT grant is for the continued development, over a three-year period, of a serotype A and B recombinant botulinum vaccine.
We are very pleased that the NIAID, with these grants, has elected to support the continued development of both our rBOT and NGAV candidates," said Daniel J.
The number of blended threats using the public IM networks for distribution is increasing, with over 26 new IM-based mutations appearing in the top three traditionally email distributed worm groups of Rbot, Sdbot, and Mytob.
The Rbot family of worms includes backdoor functionality which allows remote hackers to gain access to infected computers, steal information and even--in some cases--monitor computer users via their webcams.
Further information about the Rbot worms can be found at: www.
Correlating the signatures with other security events, IBM was able to determine that several attacking sources belonged to educational institutions, revealing that the attacking sources were compromised hosts, belonging to an Rbot network.
Temporarily suspend all file transfers over MSN to block the propagation of potentially malicious files containing the Rbot Trojan horse
Allow file transfers over MSN, if applicable, once desktops are protected against the Rbot Trojan horse