RDHAPRegistered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (California)
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Additional barriers to the RDHAP practice included reimbursement and payment issues from insurance companies such as Denti-Cal, scope of practice limitations pertaining to patient care, and lack of public awareness.
After describing SDF's properties and uses, 78% of respondents agreed that applying SDF to treat dental caries would be within the RDHAP scope of practice.
Ninety-two percent of the respondents had received their RDHAP licensure between 2003 and 2013 "or later.
The RDHAP is a licensed registered dental hygienist with additional
26, 27) The VDH allows RDHs, RDHAPs and registered dental assistants (RDA) to place interim therapeutic restorations (ITR) and decide which radiographs to take in order to facilitate an oral evaluation by a dentist under a special exemption under California law.
All 3 directors of the advanced practitioner programs (2 RDHAP and 1 MSADT) responded.
Either way, the RDHAP does tend to sacrifice some ergonomics when working.
Special requirements for the RDHAP designation include a bachelor's degree or equivalent; three years of clinical practice experience; 150 clock hours of coursework, which includes things like business management and infection control; and a prescription from either a dentist or physician for treatment.
Heather Borso, RDHAP, is a clinical practitioner in a private office in San Diego, Calif.
Margaret Fisher, RDHAP, BS, is a self-proclaimed "science geek;" she loves learning biological or medical information and always has to know why something works the way it does, or what a better solution might be.
Margaret Fisher, RDHAP, BS, has made extraordinary efforts in support of the program in her role of public health department dental hygienist as well as SFDHS public dental health chair.
I teach radiology at a community college in North Carolina, so I was drawn to the article "Radiation Safety: Patient Communication Strategies" by Heather Borso, BSDH, RDHAP [Access, January 2012].