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RDMARemote Direct Memory Access
RDMARegional Development Mission for Asia (USAID)
RDMARoyal Dutch Medical Association
RDMARisk Data Management Application
RDMARate-Division Multiple Access
RDMAReliability Data Management and Analysis
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It is a high performance, robust, reliable, and mature protocol that enables direct data placement, CPU savings, and RDMA functionality over TCP/IP and legacy Ethernet switches and internet with no performance penalties.
One Chelsio T580-CR and one Tesla K80 GPU adapter is installed in each system with Chelsio GPUDirect RDMA driver, CUDA v6.
Applications utilizing RDMA technology are changing the way IT managers and administrators build their networks.
NVMe over Fabrics is a protocol being developed by a consortium of storage and networking companies for high performance access of PCI Express (PCIe) non-volatile memory (NVM)-based storage solutions across an RDMA enabled fabric.
We are thrilled with the performance and flexibility that RDMA affords us, and it s a superb platform to underpin our private cloud infrastructure.
Benchmarking results demonstrate that iSCSI at 40Gbps provides the same performance in throughput and CPU utilization as iSER, thanks to built-in RDMA that is optimized for SCSI storage.
To evaluate this solution, a Supermicro 6037R-TXRF that supports 10 PCIe Gen3 x8 slots with two Mellanox 40GbE RDMA NICs and 8 Micron 1.
Multidisciplinary research institution Brookhaven National Laboratory utilizes Mellanox FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand to build the most effective 100Gbp/s RDMA Server and Storage Network
para]]40GbE iWARP Taps NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA Technology to Deliver 4X Improvement in Latency and Throughput[[/para]]
NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA technology dramatically accelerates communications between GPUs by providing a direct peer-to-peer communication data path between Mellanox s scalable HPC adapters and NVIDIA GPUs.
Our logo program not only allows end-users to have the choice to deploy multi-vendor products, but also offers seamless interoperability which facilitates easier adoption of RDMA and low-latency I/O technologies by IT managers.