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References in classic literature ?
I was willing to work, and ready to work hard too; but to be tormented for nothing but their fancies angered me.
They were both of them jovial about the cold in winter and the heat in summer, always ready to work overtime and to meet emergencies.
I was ready to work at night as well as day, and by the most untiring perseverance and industry, I made enough to meet my expenses, and lay up a little money every week.
Look at these hags of squaws, friend Doctor; I have no judgment in savage tempers, if they are not bloody minded, and ready to work their accursed pleasures on us all.
there are a few of us here (and I am one of them) who have shipped for the cruise, d'ye see; now as you well know, sir, we can claim our discharge as soon as the anchor is down; so we don't want a row; it's not our interest; we want to be peaceable; we are ready to work, but we won't be flogged.
With your will and assistance, we are ready to work in the industry and agriculture using our technologies.
We are ready to work with all countries both in the West and in the East on the basis of trust and equality, but we shall never sacrifice security of our people or national interests of our people.
He stressed that "we must work together for the security of this region and we are ready to work together to achieve this goal.
The grant from TransPennine Express will enable Five Lamps to tackle youth unemployment in Stockton through Ready to work clubs, which will promote social inclusion and improve aspirations amongst young people.
We are ready to work on this text" provided it does not contradict the US-Russia ceasefire agreement or other UN resolutions, Lavrov said at a press conference with French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault, The Daily Star reported.
According to Reuters, Germany has said that it is ready to work on treaties to create a banking union.
Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a statement that his country had taken note of the election of moderate cleric Rohani, and it was ready to work with him.