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REABReal Estate Appraiser Board (various locations)
REABResearch Ethics Appeal Board (Canada)
REABRegional Energy Advisory Board
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Certified General Real Estate Appraiser by the Real Estate Appraiser Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia who is in good standing, the Virginia license number shall be provided with the Bid response.
The Wyoming and Western South Dakota Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, which helped negotiate the contents of the bill, worked with the Wyoming Certified Real Estate Appraiser Board and the Wyoming Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers to get the bill passed.
bilked clients of millions of dollars have overlooked the bit part played by the New Hampshire Real Estate Appraiser Board.
Moreover, although regulators in Maine and Vermont revoked Korkosz's appraiser's license in 2007, the New Hampshire Real Estate Appraiser Board did not follow suit until February, 2009.
Carol Leighton of the Maine Real Estate Appraiser Board said that it not only revoked Korkosz's license but also revoked or suspended the licenses of numerous apprentices associated with him.
After Korkosz failed to answer the charges, Vermont officials revoked his license in July 2007 and, like Maine, informed the New Hampshire Real Estate Appraiser Board and posted the order on the national registry.
Fleury forwarded the e-mail to Mary Jurta, head of the department's consumer credit division, which licensed and examined FRM and recommended enlisting the Attorney General's Office, Bureau of Securities Regulation, and Real Estate Appraiser Board in a joint investigation.
In 2003, a citizen's complaint was filed with the state's real estate appraiser board alleging that the appraisal improperly valued the manufactured home as real property while it was still personal property; in 2006, the board sent notice of a hearing to Rickett charging him with a state law violation on those grounds.
Implications for Course Providers, Appraisers-in-Training, and State Real Estate Appraiser Boards
This revision should make it the easier for the state real estate appraiser boards to administer the new criteria.
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