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RARental Agreement
RAResident Assistant
RAResident Advisor
RARegistration Authority
RARepublic Act (Philippines)
RARoyal Academy
RAReturn Authorization
RARisk Assessment
RARight Ascension (astronomy)
RARisk Analysis
RARed Alert
RARheumatoid Arthritis
RARise Against (band)
RARemote Access
RARain (aviation meteorology)
RARegional Association
RARavenna (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
RAReturn Address (register)
RARechtsanwalt (German: attorney)
RARoom Air
RARandom Access
RARoyal Artillery
RAReserve Affairs
RAResidents' Association
RARam-Air (General Motors)
RARight Atrium (heart chamber)
RAResearch Announcement
RARemoval Action
RARemote Agent
RARed Army (counterstrike gaming clan)
RARed Army (WWII Soviet army)
RAReturn Air (HVAC)
RARay Allen (basketball player)
RARural Area (terrain type)
RAResource Allocation
RARadio Australia
RARepública Argentina
RARoyal Ambassadors
RARouter Advertisement (Message)
RARegular Army
RARainforest Alliance
RAReady Access
RARoyal Arch (Masons)
RARear Admiral
RARadial Artery
RARoman Army
RARadio Access
RARapid Access
RARefractory Anemia (blood disorder)
RARemote Assistance
RARegional Anesthesia
RARestricted Areas
RAReasonable Alternative
RARoald Amundsen (1st explorer to reach the South Pole)
RARoyal Nepal Airlines (IATA airline code)
RARebel Alliance (Star Wars)
RAIrish Republican Army
RARehabilitation Act of 1973
RARandom Allocation
RARamblers Association (UK)
RARéalité Augmentée (French: Augmented Reality)
RARadiocommunications Agency (within DTI)
RARadar Altimeter
RAResolution Advisory (air traffic warning)
RARabbinical Assembly
RAResident Agent
RARocket Arena (gaming site)
RARadiological Assessment
RARegulatory Analysis (environment)
RaRate of Appearance
RAResponsible Authorities
RARoughness Average (Surface texture of materials)
RARevenue Account (UK)
RARadio Altimeter
RAReadiness Assessment (various organizations)
RARealAudio File (proprietary streaming audio compression format, Real Networks)
RARate Adaptation
RARationalist Association (UK)
RARegistration Agent (SIF)
RARealm Ability (Dark Age of Camelot on-line game)
RARed Armor (gaming)
RARelational Aggression (psychology)
RARear Area
RARadio Authority (UK)
RArevenue analysis
RARegia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force)
RARadiographic Absorptiometry (bone density calculation using a hand X-ray and a small metal wedge)
RARecovery Assistance (Program; Ohio)
RARouting Arbiter
RARelay Access
RARadiocommunication Assembly
RARèglement d'Application (French: Rules Compliance; various organizations)
RAReduction in Area
RARate Area (NANPA)
RAResource Advisor
RARoaming Agreement
RARubberized Asphalt
RAResource Analyst
RARegular Appointment
RARegistered Aromatherapist (professional certification)
RARemote Adapter
RARemembrance Agent (computer program)
RARadiallahu Anhu (companions of Prophet Mohammed)
RARequested Article (Wikimedia Foundation)
RARed Armour (Quake)
RARecoveries Anonymous (Twelve Step Fellowship)
RARescue Aid (emergency communications)
RAResident Auditor
RARation Allowance
RAReady Alert
RARegional Associate
RARequesting Activity (CEFMS)
RAReduction Area
RARecorded Achievement ( Australian academics)
RARestricted Article
RAResident Administrator
RARegulatory Alternative
RARadiocommunication Act
RARobot Aircraft
RARuns Allowed per 9 Innings (baseball; like ERA, but with unearned runs also)
RARun Aggressive (Front Page Sports Football '95 et al)
RAReimbursement Authorization
RARetribution Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
RARipple Adder
RAPostal Tax Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RARed Armageddon (gaming clan)
RARepeat and Accumulate (type codes)
RAReady Analog
RARestricted Artistic (movie rating)
RAReinforced Alert
RAResponsable d'Activités (French: Head of Activities)
RARègle Administrative (French: Administrative Rule; various organizations)
RARoundhead Association (historical reenactment group)
RARouter Arbiter
RAreduced ameloblasts
RARecord Auditing
RARaufoss Ammunition (Norwegian ammunition headstamp)
RARadiology Assembly of Medical Group Management Association
RAResearch Assistant/ship
RARecruit Alliance
RARupture Adhésive (French: Adhesive Break; construction)
RAResident Archive
RAEarned Run Average Plus (arcane baseball statistic; used to measure pitching dominance versus the league)
RARegistraramerica (domain name registrar)
RAReview/Requiring Activity
RAResynchronize Acknowledgement (ITU-T)
RARoute Analysis CSCI
RARouting Area Identifier Within Routing Domain (TMN)
RARésiliable Annuellement (French: Annually Terminable; insurance)
RAReligious of the Assumption (France) (religious order)
RARegional Administrator
RARemittance Advice
RARepair Authorization
RARegistered Architect
RAResearch Article
RAReconnaissance Aircraft
RARealtor Associate
RARed Alert (computer game)
RARevenue Authority (various locations)
RARepublic of Armenia
RARequirements Analysis
RAResearch Associate
RAReliability Analysis
RARemedial Action
RARemington Arms (ammunition headstamp)
RARegulatory Affairs
RARegulatory Authority
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Joint doctrine divides CA into three elements: BDA, munitions effectiveness assessment (MEA), and reattack recommendation (RR).
When forward firing attacks from fast CAS are made, the time between receiving the fire mission from the joint terminal air controllers (JTAC) and munitions on target can usually be measured in minutes, and reattacks often require realigning for another run.
The reattacks allowed more time for the defenders to shoot them down.
When you tie GPS to a weapon like JDAM [joint direct attack munition] and make it an active weapon, that means less reattacks on the target, and it means saving the pilot's life because he or she doesn't have to return to that target over and over again.
Pilots were given complete freedom for armed reconnaissance and reattacks of previously struck targets throughout North Vietnam, except for small areas around Hanoi, Haiphong, and the Chinese border.
After a delay due to bad weather (aircraft had to engage oil targets visually to attain acceptable accuracy), 649 bombers from Eighth Air Force attacked five synthetic oil plants on 12 May 1944, followed by strikes against seven synthetic plants by 410 of the Eighth's bombers on 28 May, including reattacks on plants at Leuna, Zeitz, and Lutzkendorf.