REAURegional Education Approver Unit (National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses)
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There will also be an advancement in the way footprints are looked at and used in a murder hunt, while Merseyside's fingerprint bu reau is being expanded to allow 24,000 items to be examined every year.
Severe and persistent feeding problems, which are experienced by 3-10% of children (Dahl & Sundelin, 1992; Jenkins, Owen, Bax, & Hart, 1984; Lindberg, Bohlin, & Hagekull, 1991; Reau, Senturia, Lebailly, & Christoffel, 1996), tend to persist and worsen over time (Lindberg et al.
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In an interview with the Korea Herald, French Ambassador to South Korea Jean-Paul Reau said, ''The reduction of tension on the (Korean) Peninsula, resulting from the pursuit of the process toward an inter-Korean reconciliation, surely remains essential to this question (of establishing diplomatic relations between France and North Korea).
The difference between Census Bu- reau change in inventories and BEA change in private in- ventories is the IVA.
At the same time, the terrible power of the vandal (which was the focus of an earlier study of the destruction of art, by Louis Reau: for Reau "the mob is always vandalistic") declines in importance as well.
Amongst the authorities on Watteau The Hurdy-Gurdy Player is accepted as his own work by Zimmerman and Reau, and was so attributed at the Royal Academy's lavish Winter Exhibition of eighteenth-century French painting in 1968.