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REBIReal Estate Bank India (est. 2006)
REBIReal Estate Bank International (Bangalore, India)
REBIReserve Enlisted Basic Indoctrination (US Coast Guard)
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Briefly, the utterances of the tannaim (those who "teach") form the basis of the Oral Law or Mishnah which, once a strictly oral tradition, was codified by Rebi Yehudah Ha-Nasi (or simply Rebi) at the end of the tannaitic period.
Though Rebi codified the law (from a diverse set of oral traditions all claiming their origin from Sinai), this did not lead to univocality, but rather to diverse constructions of tannaitic sources in the various languages of amoraim.
We begin in medias res, in the midst of the twenty-second chapter of Tractate Shabbat of Talmud Bavli (144b), where the gemara quotes a braita, a tannaitic source which, as we have said, was not codified by Rebi into the Mishnah (but nonetheless of authority for later generations): "We may squeeze prunes, quince, and crab-apples, but not pomegranates.
The example follows: while there is a general prohibition from the Torah of mixing two kinds of plants in the same patch of soil, there is one tanna, Rebi Elezar, who claims that even the presence of thorns in one's vineyard renders the resulting grape harvest forbidden.
In fact Rava argues, whereas Arabia is a locale and thus--according to Rebi Elezar even our practice reflects their customs, the "intentions of those of the house of Menashe should be nullified in relationship to everyone else.
Three trends that REBI forecasters say bear watching, especially for the R&D community include:
Strengthening of the dollar made the trade deficit more intractable in 1997 and REBI economists are looking to see a reversal of these fortunes in 1998.
Cruz won the plum in the Contender division (12-14 age group) and led the Mythical Team that included teammates Joshua Marcos and Joshua Boo, Ateneo's Rebi Andres and National University's Rhyyan Amsali.
Ateneo extended the series in the Contender Division after scoring a come-from-behind 78-74 - thanks to Rebi Andres and Gian Mamuyac who combined for 27 points.