RecSysRecommender Systems (International Conference)
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At the 2009 ACM RecSys conference, the Netflix Prize concluded.
The RecSys Challenge has followed a similar structure since its inception: (1) a data set and problem are presented, (2) teams sign up and participate, (3) participants submit their solutions in time for a deadline, (4) participants submit papers outlining their approaches, (5) during a workshop at the ACM RecSys conference participants present their approaches and winners are announced.
The first challenge to be held in conjunction with ACM RecSys, CAMRa (Adomavicius et al.
There are already initiatives attempting to bring this setting to future instantiations of the RecSys Challenge.
The RecSys Challenge has become a key event at the ACM RecSys conference.
In: RecSys '08:Proceedings of the 2008 ACM conference on Recommender systems.
Another company that rocked at RecSys was Aggregate Knowledge.