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b) Receipt of funds against Exports from Pakistan: On receiving payment instructions from importer's bank in Iran, BMJII will instruct SBP to make payment in Pakistan.
If, on the other hand, William gifted half of his shares in Cambridge Ltd to Kate, paid Kate a modest salary of say pounds 5,000 and reduced his own salary to pounds 10,000 and paid the post-tax funds out as a dividend to him and his wife, the net receipt of funds by Kate and William would be pounds 76,807.
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) stated yesterday that it is pleased with the US Court of Appeals decision to lift a preliminary injunction imposed in 1997, allowing LAX police to enforce a Los Angeles City ordinance prohibiting solicitation and receipt of funds in the airport.
Classroom teachers must be involved in planning projects and be ready to initiate projects upon receipt of funds.
The proper facilitation of exchanges by these third-party providers ensures that participants in an LKE program are not in actual or constructive receipt of funds.
The immediate receipt of funds from increased sales of season tickets is urgently required to ensure the continuing financial progress of the club, in particular that funds are available to the manager to ensure the signing of a successful squad.
The program minimizes claims being rejected due to simple miscoding, which can prolong the receipt of funds.
This practice delayed the receipt of funds into the dealers' accounts and exacerbated daylight overdrafts at major securities clearing banks.
Keep in mind that delays in the receipt of funds can occur due to bank clearance procedures.
In the lag between invoicing and actual receipt of funds, a company may lose half the revenue's value.
Moreover, if the taxpayer initiates the EFT payment on a timely basis but events beyond its control prevent the timely receipt of funds by the state's bank or fiscal agent, no penalty should be imposed.
Table 2 shows that receipt of funds under Title VII Part B is reported by 68% of the sample, and of those, only 51% reach compliance on all four criteria.