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RECSTAReceiving Station
RECSTAReception Station
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It is seen that when experiments were conducted at the load sites of Punabhgatta, Chickjajur and Davanagere receiving station a total reactive power compensation of 0.
According to Maritime New Zealand, it has signed a contract with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to construct two satellite receiving stations to detect signals from MEOSAR or medium-Earth orbit search and rescue satellites.
Each one has a similar product flow, starting with coffee received from farmer associates, either directly or from receiving stations, and ending with processed, sorted and graded coffee in either silos or bags.
In China, CTCI will build a LNG plant in Yongshan port of Shanghai, including a pier, three storage tanks and a receiving station.
6 (a) are high enough to be correctly decoded at the receiving station, but the values shown in Fig.
The sultanate's Oil and Gas Minister, Dr Muhammad bin Hamed al-Rumhi, on June 15 told local media that a key receiving station at al-Buraimi, on Oman's border with the UAE, was being readied ahead of the imminent arrival of the gas - the first imports by gas-deficient Oman.
Numerous devices may transmit data to the same receiving station.
To carry out the contract Kongsberg Satellite Services will establish a new receiving station in connection with the Troll research base in the Antarctic.
Scheduled for completion this year, the twin pipeline links a new 100-thousand gallon capacity desalination plant being built alongside the existing Qidfa power station, with a terminal receiving station at Swaihan.
The Monster airport septage receiving station has been upgraded with a number of new features.
On activation your alarm calls directly, or is linked to a central alarm receiving station.