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RQAResearch Quality Association (UK)
RQARecurrence Quantification Analysis (nonlinear data analysis)
RQAReturn of Qualified Afghans (International Organization for Migration; EU)
RQARegister of Qualified Aromatherapists (UK)
RQAResearch Quality Assurance
RQARaising Quality and Achievement (academic achievement scheme; UK)
RQARisk and Quantitative Analysis
RQARepetitive Query Attempt (Unreal game engine security exploit)
RQARemote Query Accelerator (Data Management Technologies)
RQARegional/Field Detachment Quality Assurance Division
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AE signal amplitude varies with the acoustic impedance, related to local rock stress conditions and particularly sensitive to fracture density and water content; therefore, the application of a method such as Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) [4-6] to the AE time series is particularly suited; in fact, RQA is focused on pinpointing peculiar recurrence pattern without taking into account the amplitude.
They include recurrence quantification analysis of bipolar disorder performed using a Van der Pol oscillator model, detecting low-dimensional chaos in small noisy sample sets, Alan Turing meets the Sphinx, fractal geometry in computer graphics and in virtual reality, buyer decisions in the US housing industry, secular variation in the climatic memory of five Italian deep lakes, and in everyday action notes for a mindscape of bioethics.