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RNNRoyal Netherlands Navy (also seen as RNLN)
RNNRandom Neural Network
RNNRegional News Network
RNNRecurrent Neural Network
RNNReply Not Necessary
RNNReverse Nearest Neighbor
RNNRap News Network
RNNReform Now Network (Thailand)
RNNBornholm, Denmark - Arnager (Airport Code)
RNNRoyal Norwegian Navy
RNNRenaissance News & Notes (newsletter, Renaissance Society of America)
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Keywords: cognitive radio, spectrum sensing, recurrent neural network, time series
Some of these includes: Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) [41], Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) [42], and Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN) [43],
In this subsection, we propose a one-layer recurrent neural network for solving problem (24), where we combine the penalty function and projection methods to solve the constraints and use the smoothing techniques to overcome the nonsmoothness of the objective function and penalty function.
2014) were discussed a hybrid optimization algorithm for simultaneous structure and parameter learning of Elan--type recurrent neural networks (RNNs) combining the advantages of discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO) and improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) algorithm.
A Novel Stable Locally Recurrent Neural Network with Pole Assignment Projection Approach.
The block diagram of an LSTM recurrent neural network is shown in Figure 1.
Key words: nonlinear model, recurrent neural network, AMIRA DR300, modeling
Churchland takes up each of these criteria of consciousness and shows how they can be explained on the basis of the brain treated as a recurrent neural network.
The Elman neural network brought forward by Jeffrey L Elman in 1990 is a recurrent neural network which has a better computing power than a feed-forward neural network.
Next day load curve forecasting using recurrent neural network structure, IEE Proc.
Stock price pattern recognition: A recurrent neural network approach, Int'l Joint Conference on Neural Networks, San Diego, Calif.
A generalized procedure in designing recurrent neural network identification and control of time-varying-delayed nonlinear dynamic systems.
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