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REDIALRéseau Européen d'Information et de Documentation sur l'Amérique Latine (French: European Network for Information and Documentation on Latin America)
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Debbie said: "I just kept hitting redial because when you hear an engaged tone you know you're not being charged.
Essentially, Redial Supervision is a way to work out any kinks between a central station's receiver and our redialers," said NextAlarm.
The Air Boat, designed in silver and blue with red or yellow accents, offers tone/pulse switch, last number redial and a two-year warranty.
InSerTO 3G Call Continuity enables operators to extend to their customers the following termination options: leave a video message, establish transparently a voice call to the called user without any need to redial, or send a Voice SMS.
the entertainment, all the affairs and bickering'' said Harris, 56, who three months ago called a ticket agency and frantically punched redial, only to be blocked by a busy tone.
An ambulance worker who found the mobile in the wreckage used the redial function to call the man's brother and break the bad news.
Other features of the phone, which comes in satin off-white and has a one-year limited warranty, are nine-number speed-dial memory, last number redial, illuminated talk button and speaker volume control.
The P600 has a 42-character, multiline display, function menu review, clock, calendar and 20-number memory and redial.
Two Line Handfree Telephone 1 Line Operate On With 3 Way Conference Call 2 Intercom Path Up To 8 Extensions 3 Caller Id I Compatible 4 50 Station Caller Id Memory 5 Hands Free Speaker Phone 6 3 Station One Touch Dial 7 Auto Redial With Redial Memory 8 Data Port 09 50 Station Phone Directory 10 Timed Flash/Pause 11 Dial Lock.
The last vote I got in was for Jennifer, and then I hit redial and I could have redialed for two hours, instead I only did for 15 minutes.
England fan Rod, 32, said: "Unfortunately the redial button on my phone doesn't work so I had to manually dial the whole number every time.
The unit can store up to nine numbers for quick dial and features adjustments for ringer and receiver volume, a mute button, a call timer, last number redial, a keypad lock and battery-level indicator.