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REGRegistry (Microsoft Windows file extension)
REGRegina (Latin: Queen)
REGRegal Entertainment Group
REGRationeel Energiegebruik (Dutch: Rational Energy Use; Belgium)
REGReggie Miller
REGRichard E. Grant (actor)
REGRandom Event Generator
REGRural Enterprise Gateway (UK)
REGReferring Expression Generation
REGReggio Calabria, Italy - Tito Menniti (Airport Code)
REGGolden Redfish
REGReno Evening Gazette
REGRépertoire des Entreprises du Canton de Genève (French: Business Directory of Geneva; Switzerland)
REGRegular Electronic Giving (Lutheran Laypeople's League of Australia, Inc.)
REGReservatory for Endangered Games
REGRange, Ephemeris, GMT
REGRenewable Energy Generation (various locations)
REGRace, Ethnicity and Gender
REGReed Electronics Group (Reed Elsevier Group)
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Reg ordered rum; I sailed, Eli, as I murdered Roger
Eccles says he found striking the companies' point of view, expressed in the survey, that Reg FD was really working pretty well.
According to the survey, 28% of the 577 respondents indicated that they are providing more information to investors as a result of Reg FD.
The successful implementation of ISERoute exemplifies OES' ongoing initiative of providing services that enable several trading centers and large broker-dealers to be compliant with Reg.
Grace has agreed to make available to REG a financial facility intended to provide REG with adequate liquidity to meet its operating cash needs until the restructuring process has been completed.
We're currently supporting the Reg NMS and MiFID projects of many global investment banks and hedge funds throughout the U.
In connection with Grace taking control of the REG Board, Grace is making a comprehensive proposal to restructure REG to the unofficial committee of REG bondholders.
The agreement contemplates that REG bondholders will receive approximately $234.
Gain visibility on IT spend dynamics for MiFID and Reg NMS;
The necessity of firms to achieve the best available price for its customers, will in turn, require those firms to verify to various regulators and the SEC on an ongoing basis that they are compliant with Reg.
OTR will offer a series of practical and cost-effective new Reg.