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REGEXRegular Expression
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a specific input validation technique that is most optimal for that variable type is applied by the framework like regex, parameterization, white-list approach etc.
The RegEx card, Brown said, processes all the regular expression functions in parallel, allowing traffic to pass through closer to its normal speed.
The kits consist of two production Tarari Content Processors on PCI cards, Simultaneous RegEx Pattern Matching Agents, (plus Decode, Decompress and Signature Pattern Matching Agents) and API documentation.
In this paper, the main approaches to building regex search engine are based on (Cho and Rajagopalan, 2002).
Regex rules can be very simple for straightforward tasks such as constructing a list of people whose mail you always want to receive.
This fast-paced, advanced Google Analytics training class covers some of the more advanced features of Google Analytics, including RegEx, advanced segmentation, intelligence alerts, custom reporting, event tracking, virtual page views, Ecommerce tracking, and custom variables.
Templates developed for regular expressions usually only need a different RegEx to sort out a different problem, again saving time.
Refer to this for more information on how to use regex with the correct syntax.
An enhanced command line interface with command-line generation wizard, multi-job execution with regex matching and ANT scripts generation
2 includes other new features such as external database support, Perforce triggering support, regex labeling of build results, scheduled backups, new plugins, and more.
IBM: (booth #575) has worked with Tarari to showcase an IBM BladeCenter demonstrating the new features of RegEx 5 running on an HS20 Blade in an IBM BladeCenter chassis with a FastT500 Storage Area Network.