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The HHS regions (listed by region number and headquarter city) include Region 1 (Boston), Region 2 (New York), Region 3 (Philadelphia), Region 4 (Atlanta), Region 5 (Chicago), Region 6 (Dallas), Region 7 (Kansas City), Region 8 (Denver), Region 9 (San Francisco), and Region 10 (Seattle).
After Florida, the RSV season began the earliest in Region 6 (Dallas) and Region 2 (New York) (mid-October), followed by Region 4 (Atlanta) (late October).
The season offset occurred the earliest in Florida (late January), followed by Region 2 (New York) and Region 6 (Dallas) (early February), Region 1 (Boston) and Region 3 (Philadelphia) (mid-February), and Region 4 (Atlanta) (late February).
Reports received through December 6, 2008, indicated that the RSV season onset had begun in mid-October in Region 4 (Atlanta) (excluding Florida [week ending October 11, 2008]) and in late October in Region 6 (Dallas) (week ending October 25, 2008).
Region 4 (Atlanta): Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
This path to maturity describes movement towards Region 4.
That is the question we must ask upon reaching Region 4.