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RVURelative Value Unit (factor used in pricing of medical services)
RVURelative Value Unit
RVURelease Version Update
RVURegional Vancouver Urban Observatory (Canada)
RVURocky Vista University (Aurora, CO)
RVURespiratory Virus Unit (various locations)
RVU[not an acronym] (networking technology; pronounced "r-view")
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This article reviews how three communities have addressed sustainable consumption at the local level: The Natural Step process in Whistler, British Columbia; a performance indicator framework in Santa Monica, California; and an expert-led engagement process by the Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory.
To evaluate contemporary practices, the study investigated three widely recognized community indicator projects (Holden 2006; Brugmann 1997; Cook 2004): The Natural Step systems framework employed by Whistler, BC; a performance-based framework undertaken by Santa Monica, CA; and an expert-led, public engagement process initiated by the Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory.
Interviews were conducted with the Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory study group participants and notes were taken during and after each study group meeting.
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