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The center's staff of approximately 85 people is comprised of regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command and civil service members who serve together to train and educate tomorrow's enlisted leaders.
Those who showed the requisite aptitude would, upon graduation, be sent to regular Air Force flying schools to win their wings.
The patrols - involving F-16 fighters and other jets flown by both Air National Guard pilots and regular Air Force personnel - resumed on Thursday (5 September).
Reserve and regular Air Force leaders were hoping for a prolonged period of peace so they could shape the Air Force Reserve into an effective and efficient organization of Airmen in reserve.
If you had previously entered the DEP, the regular Air Force oath releases you from your DEP contract and commits you to serve on active duty for your term of enlistment.
Hernandez is the first air reserve component colonel in recent history to be selected to lead a regular Air Force wing.
The expanded description of total force and Airmen now consists of regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, civilian and auxiliary members.
New regular Air Force promotion eligibility cutoff dates for promotions to master sergeant and technical sergeant took effect this past fall to correlate with the new SCODs and in support of the master sergeant promotion process and forced distribution requirements scheduled for implementation beginning in November 2015.
31 as the closeout date for all regular Air Force staff sergeant enlisted performance reports, Air Force Reserve personnel officials released a list of static closeout dates for all of its enlisted Airmen.
The Contingency Equipment Management Facility is an Air Force Reserve Command-run organization that acts as a central storage location for civil engineering supplies and equipment for regular Air Force and AFRC units worldwide.
We're excited to expand our mission and partnership with additional regular Air Force units across Air Combat Command through total force integration," he said.
The Reserve presence in the remotely piloted aircraft program began at Nellis in 2002, and Reservists have been in lock step with their regular Air Force counterparts ever since, flying combat operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.