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RFTRich Text Format (file format)
RFTRequest for Tender
RFTRun Flat Tire (automotive)
RFTRelational Frame Theory (psychology)
RFTRational Functional Tester (Internet testing tool)
RFTRequest for Training
RFTReady For Training
RFTRight First Time
RFTRegular Full Time
RFTRequest for Technology
RFTRenal Function Test (laboratory physiology test)
RFTRun Flat Tire
RFTRich Field Telescope
RFTRepeat Formation Tester (oil industry)
RFTRight Front Tire
RFTRefrigerator-Freezer Thermometer
RFTRefresher Training
RFTReason for Transfer (schools)
RFTRevisable Form Text
RFTRespirator Fit Test
RFTRespiratory Function Test
RFTRunning Foot (linear measurement)
RFTRat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung (German: Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development)
RFTReady For Tests
RFTRunway Friction Tester (aviation)
RFTRecycle Florida Today (Tallahassee, FL)
RFTReady for Tasking (Boeing FIRST award fee criteria)
RFTRecursive Function Theory (computational mathematics)
RFTReleased From Training
RFTRequest For Thinking
RFTRemote Fob Trigger (detonator)
RFTRadio Frequency Tag
RFTResonant Frequency Tool
RFTRate-Based Fragmenting Thresholding
RFTRoyalton Federation of Teachers
RFTRetrievable Formation Tester (petroleum industry)
RFTReversals Frequency Test (evaluation of reading dysfunction)
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His complete blood count showed platelets count of 143x109/L, while rest of the blood workup including renal function test, liver function test, thyroid function test, serum electrolytes and 2 sets of cardiac troponin-I levels were all within normal limits.
Rawalpindi -- Renal function test machine which stands out of order for the past 5 days in laboratory of district headquarters hospital has multiplied the miseries of patients coming for their treatment.
Renal function test, urine test, and white blood cell count normalized.
Follow up of patients is very crucial to recognize the risk factors and complications to improve the quality of life, it can be done with the help of somatic growth, renal function test, and various imaging investigations, most important is urodynamic studies (UDS).
Keywords: DHF: Dengue hemorrhagic Fever, DF: Dengue Fever, LFT: Liver Function tests, RFT: Renal Function Test.
Conducted by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the medical tests will include vision check-up (visual acuity and colour vision), complete blood count, Hepatitis B surface antigen, fasting glucose, glycated haemoglobin, renal function test, audiometry and electrocardiogram.
From then, eGFR derived from serum creatinine based MDRD equation gained worldwide spread in reporting renal function test.
A urine protein estimation and renal function test results were normal.
The use of the renal function test in this audit was also in excess of NICE recommendations.
Total 6(24%) patients had renal involvement during the study period and deranged renal function test was found in only 1(4%) patient.
5 mg %), along with normal levels of albumin, blood sugar, liver function tests, alkaline phosphatase and renal function test.