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RENATERReseau National de Télécommunication Pour l'Enseignement et La Recherche (French: National Communication Network for Education and Research.
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The Renater network, a very high-speed fiber optic connection, is a link between universities across the Lorraine region.
it provides public colleges with the renater infrastructure (national telecommunications network for technology, education and research) and associated services through a point of presence in pau, on the premises of the uppa (university of pau and the adour countries).
The purpose of this consignment is to provide and maintain in operational condition a point-to-point leased line between the Renater nodes (nr) of La Rochelle and Niort.
Contract notice: Connection services for the Duclos, Godet and Gardel sites of the INRA research center in Antilles-Guyana at the Node Renater of the University of the West Indies.
This contract relates to high telecommunications services and high speed broadband and related services, and Internet access to RENATER members of the command group represented by GIP Recia.