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RDVRendezvous (Buick SUV)
RDVRapid Design Visualization
RDVRice Dwarf Virus
RDVRecommended Daily Value
RDVRegional Development Victoria (Australia)
RDVRepeatable Digital Validation
RDVReference Dose Values
RDVRotary Drum Vacuum (winemaking)
RDVReading Vocabulary
RDVRemotely Deployed Vehicle
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In my Mind, every Virtue that could adorn it was centered; it was the Rendez-vous of every good Quality and of every noble sentiment.
He watched them from his bush, cramped but immovable, watched them gather and range themselves and signal and pick up men, until at last they sailed away towards the glowing sunset, going to the great Asiatic rendez-vous, above the oil wells of Cleveland.
Saskatchewan has a rich and spirited Fransaskois community, and Rendez-vous is a chance to promote this communitys contribution to our province, Wilson said.
Au menu du rendez-vous, une seance d'appels a projets qu'animeront les ministres de la sante de la region.
Pour plus d'informations ou pour vous inscrire, rendez-vous sur leportail officiel du Forum International des DSI .
All proceeds from the Rendez-vous will go toward major repairs and restoration of the 1886 church building.
Kinget refers to JLC's Rendez-Vous collection of diamond encrusted timepieces for ladies.
Rendez-Vous is both a patisserie and a boulangerie--it bakes up pastries and desserts as well as savory loaves of bread.
The Rendez-Vous is always a welcome opportunity to see some of the best new French cinema often overlooked in the scrum of international festivals," says the New York-based exec.
Government ministries use the venue for public meetings, and new entries to the area like New Gold (formerly Rainy River Resources) use Place Rendez-Vous as a base to conduct meetings.
Rendez-Vous Limousine has been providing first class service since 2001 and brings with it a staff with extensive knowledge and experience within the ground transportation industry.
TVFI's Bejot explained that the decision to start the market a day earlier will "allow buyers to also attend the Cartoon Forum [September 11-141, to be held in the nearby city of Toulouse," which lies a bit to the East of Biarritz, the coastal city located near the Spanish boarder that's playing host to Le Rendez-Vous.