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The EW suite is understood to be based on Rohde and Schwarz 's ACD00] highly integrated C-/R- ESM suite including Rockwell Collins CS-3600 RESM and a Rheinmetall Defence MASS decoy launcher.
The vessel electronic suite is mainly based on new and upgrade programmes, including new Type 997 Artisan E/F band 3-D medium range radar, existing ASW suites including Sonar 2050 hull-mounted and variable depth Sonar 2087, an advanced EW suite including RESM, CESM and decoys, the new M BDA Sea Ceptor area air defence system, which is first due to be installed on Type 23s.
It is a wideband digital reception technique, which is the core of the RESM that enables it to double as an ELINT system.
PEGASO is a latest generation RESM system (Radar Electronic Support Measurement) based on wideband digital reception technology.