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RESENRapport d'État du Système Éducatif National (French: State Report of the National Education System)
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According to portal "Sky" as many as 114 identity cards have been issued on Wednesday in Resen to Albanian nationals of Macedonian origin.
Actually, there is a village close to Resen, a Turkish village, and the whole village lives in Sweden.
Contract notice: Additional construction with reconstruction of part of the water supply network in the City of Resen, Resen Municipality according to the turn-key principle.
Toni Jovanovski from the Municipality of Resen informed that camp "Krani" currently has a new owner that is in the process of renovating and better quality will be offered to tourists this season.
The campaign of Gjorge Ivanov, the presidential candidate of governing VMRO-DPMNE began with a massively attended rally in Ohrid's central square on Monday evening and continued with rallies in Struga and Resen, as well as with meetings with citizens in the villages of Vevcani, Labunista and Oktisi on Tuesday.
BDI openly asked for VMRO-DPMNE's support for Struga, Kicevo, Cair, Gostivar and Tetovo while Gruevski's party asked for support for Bitola, Resen, Ohrid, Centar, Kumanovo and Veles.
The subject of this purchase is building a children's park in Strbovo, Resen the KP951 / 1 KO Shtrbovo.
According to SDSM, around 22,000 voters are suspicious, while BDI wonders how it is possible for 453 citizens with collective ad-dresses in Centar, Kicevo and Resen to be registered for vote in the Macedonian Embassy in Tirana, Albania.
Company 'Apple Land' from Dubai signed an agreement with the Government for construction of a distribution center in Resen.
BDI says that there will surely be cooperation with VMRO- DPMNE even in the first round for Tetovo, Skopje and Gostivar whereas VMRO-DPMNEstated that it will look for support for Bitola, Resen, Ohrid, Centar, Kumanovo, Stip and Veles as compensation for the support it is to give for Cair, Gostivar, Struga, Kicevo and Tetovo.
Contract notice: Performing Works for the Construction of the Sewage in the Village Drmeni, Municipality Resen.
These people are said to have been reported as residents of the municipalities of Centar, Resen and Kicevo with collective addresses at each of which as many as about 40 people were registered.