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ROEReturn On Equity
ROERegional Office of Education
ROEReport on the Environment (various organizations)
ROERules Of Engagement
ROERetention of Employment
ROERecord of Employment
ROEReturn on Experience (marketing)
ROERunning on Empty
ROEReached on Error (baseball)
ROERoots of Empathy (Canada)
ROERoyal Observatory, Edinburgh (Scotland,UK)
ROERest of Europe
ROERate of Exchange
ROERdma over Gigabit Ethernet
ROERight of Entry
ROERubies of Eventide (game)
ROERegional Office for Europe (UNEP)
ROERoot of Evil
ROERessurection of Evil (gaming, Doom3 Expansion Pack)
ROERecord of Earnings (Canadian pension plan)
ROEReturn on Expectation
ROERosemary Oleoresin Extract
ROERate of Expenditure
ROERaces of Eberron (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ROERotating-frame Overhauser Enhancement (NMR spectroscopy)
ROERelacao de Ondas Estacionarias
ROERotating Frame Overhauser Effect (spectroscopy)
ROEReport of Excess (GSA)
ROERound One End
ROEReportable Order Event (NASD)
ROERoute of Egress
ROERemote Operating Equipment
ROERapid Oxidation Event
ROEReflector Orbital Experiment
ROERoster Of Exception
ROEReseau Objectif Entreprise
ROERight Otitis Externa
ROEReceive Overrun Error Flag
References in classic literature ?
And though our personal sympathies may well go to the finer-spirited Irish, this outcome was on the whole fortunate; for only through religious union with Rome during the slow centuries of medieval rebirth could England be bound to the rest of Europe as one of the family of cooperating Christian states; and outside that family she would have been isolated and spiritually starved.
Like almost every military man in Europe, he had only seen the world through cannon smoke, or in the brief intervals of peace that occurred so seldom during the Emperor's continual wars with the rest of Europe.
Having delivered this little summary, Mr Podsnap's face flushed, as he thought of the remote possibility of its being at all qualified by any prejudiced citizen of any other country; and, with his favourite right-arm flourish, he put the rest of Europe and the whole of Asia, Africa, and America nowhere.
Elspeth Atkinson of cancer charity Macmillan said: "Survival rates in Scotland trail the rest of Europe and it is vital we hit targets.
There is no doubt that the rest of Europe needs the UK in, far more than the UK needs the rest of Europe; this is pretty obvious as we are net contributors; and for all those besotted by European ideals, whenever the spending of European money is spent in the UK, it is our money
And even before this, in 1947, Billy Hughes and Ron Burgess were a part of a Great Britain team that also played against the rest of Europe in Glasgow to celebrate the four home countries rejoining Fifa (GB 6, ROE 1).
The Great Britain team also included Jack Kelsey, Peter Sillett, Joe McDonald, Danny Blanchflower, John Charles, Bertie Peacock, Bobby Johnstone, Roy Bentley and Jimmy McIlroy, but the Rest of Europe team won 4-1.
Prices to farmers have gone down, prices to producers have gone down - but the consumer is paying prices way out of line with the rest of Europe.
I would urge ministers to re-think these payment targets and aim to match the rest of Europe.
I am bemused at what makes it such a race for politicians to treat workers from the UK worse than the rest of Europe.
The amount owed by the average person in the rest of Europe was calculated by Datamonitor at us$2,914.
But I think we should have three additional days holiday a year to bring us in line with the rest of Europe because we're the poor man when it comes to holidays.