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Pulmonary-related complications may be chronic or acute and may include restrictive lung disease, chronic hypoxemia, pulmonary hypertension, and interstitial fibrosis.
The routine blood examination was found to be normal, and the pulmonary function tests showed mild restrictive lung disease.
A study by Salhi and associates (33) on 31 patients (mean age 57 years) having restrictive lung disease (11 with congenital kyphoscoliosis) reported a mean 6MWD of 118.
This study also demonstrated that older subjects with obstructive lung disease were at significantly increased risk of both all-cause and respiratory mortality and that older subjects with restrictive lung disease were at significantly increased risk of both all-cause and cardiovascular mortality
The procedure was performed on a highly critical 70 year old male patient with severe restrictive lung disease and critical left main disease.
The lungs are often involved in the different rheumatic diseases and patients may succumb due to pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale secondary to restrictive lung disease.
Age and gender were associated with obstructive and restrictive lung disease," said Dr.
Because IPF is a restrictive lung disease, pulmonary function testing characteristically demonstrates reduced lung volumes (for example, vital capacity and total lung capacity).
Respiratory function is affected when the heavy chest wall compresses the lungs, resulting in impaired gas exchange, This increases the risk of restrictive lung disease and obstructive sleep apnea.
A lot of our older patients have other problems, such as heart failure, hypertension and restrictive lung disease, so we are very aggressive about getting medical clearance and optimizing control of their other problems," she added.
Survival is inversely related to the severity of restrictive lung disease.
Since difficult intubation has been reported (1) and obstructive sleep apnoea and restrictive lung disease have been described (2), regional anaesthesia may be considered an attractive option for patients with achondroplasia.