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RDRRed Dead Redemption (video game)
RDRRassemblement des Républicains (French: Rally of the Republicans, Ivory Coast)
RDRRNA Dependent RNA Polymerase
RDRRetail Distribution Review (various organizations)
RDRRaw Data Record
RDRRally for Democracy and the Republic (Republic of the Congo)
RDRRéduction des Risques (French: Risk Reduction)
RDRRemote Data Recovery (Ontrack Data International)
RDRReference Design Report (International Linear Collider)
RDRRock Deformation Research (geological software; UK)
RDRRotating Disk Reactor (semiconductors)
RDRRadio Direct Response (advertising agency)
RDRRemote Data Relay
RDRReception Data Register (computer programming)
RDRReduced Data Requirement
RDRRegistered Diplomate Reporter
RDRRussian Depositary Receipt
RDRRijksdienst voor Radiocommunicatie
RDRRedding Bus Station (Amtrak station code; Redding, CA)
RDRRequirements Definition Review
RDRRalph Davis Reptiles (herpetoculture)
RDRRipple Down Rule (knowledge acquisition)
RDRRèglement Direct
RDRRodolfo del Rosario (Philippines public figure)
RDRRetail Delivery Report
RDRRèglement sur le Développement Rural
RDRRetail Delivery Record (paper-based delivery manifest)
RDRRunway Distance Remaining
RDRRadiation Dosimetry and Records
RDRReceiving Discrepancy Report
RDRRemote Data Requester
RDRRadial Distributor Road Bridge (infrastructure; UK)
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The Retail Distribution Review, the Mortgage Market Review, the recent Pensions Freedom legislation and Workplace Pensions obligations, all provide a very exciting backdrop to our business plan.
began implementing fiduciary regulations through its Retail Distribution Review (RDR) in January 2013, after a six-year development period.
which has perhaps the most draconian of regulatory regimes: the Retail Distribution Review.
The deal has been announced after the retail distribution review, a regulatory reform that introduced stricter rules governing the financial advice market, including transparency on fees and minimum qualifications for financial consultants.
It is claimed that the Financial Conduct Authority is considering reintroducing the widely discredited commission payments system - banned under the Retail Distribution Review at the end of 2012.
Most banks in the UK had stopped providing investment advice three years ago following the implementation of a key piece of regulation known as the retail distribution review.
initiatives such as the creation of an Investor Forum, which aims to strengthen the power of shareholders over issues such as executive pay, and the Retail Distribution Review, which has cracked down on hidden commissions and charges.
The company had a strong 2013, attracting 340,000 new customers and increasing assets by 13 per cent to PS150bn as it capitalised on the opportunities created by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and pension auto-enrolment.
More than a year since the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) changed the way we pay for financial advice, people are looking closer to home for financial guidance.
As expected, the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) has emerged as a key issue for many companies that are providing life insurance products and pensions.
New rules known as the Retail Distribution Review could see middle Britain priced out of getting financial advice the Independent revealed on Saturday.
Initially launched to prepare advisers for the biggest change in the financial services industry - the Retail Distribution Review - the NMBA assists its members in preparing for the changes and challenges facing them and ensures they continue to meet the new requirements through face-to-face, online and telephone support.
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