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ROTRepublic of Texas (biker rally)
ROTRule of Thumb
ROTReign of Terror (band, and also a gaming clan)
ROTRoot of Trust (computing)
ROTRotunda (Portuguese postal usage)
ROTRight on Time
ROTRight on Time (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
ROTTAROM Romanian Air Transport (ICAO code)
ROTRestraint of Trade
ROTRunning Object Table
ROTRate of Turn
ROTRegistered Orthopedic Technologist (American Society of Orthopedic Professionals)
ROTReturn on Talent
ROTRule of Thirds (photography)
ROTRepublic of Turkey
ROTRetention of Title
ROTRose of Tralee (Ireland)
ROTRise of the Triad (video game)
ROTReally Off Topic
ROTRedundant, Obsolete, Trivial
ROTRunway Occupancy Time
ROTRemaining Operating Time
ROTRetailers' Occupation Tax (Illinois, USA)
ROTRedundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)
ROTRecord Of Trial
ROTRemotely Operated Tool
ROTReceive Only Terminal
ROTRise Over Thermal (wireless communication systems)
ROTRight Offensive Tackle (football position)
ROTRehabilitate-Own-Transfer (project/financing arrangement)
ROTRise of Tyrants (online game)
ROTRegistered Option Trader
ROTRequirements Operability Test (US Air Force)
ROTRise of Terror (online game)
ROTRevision of Terms (loans)
ROTRolled on Tube (textile business)
ROTRealms of Thoth (gaming)
ROTReturn on Turnover
ROTResults Oriented Thinking
ROTRadar On Target
ROTRight on Test
ROTReapers of Time (gaming clan)
ROTResource Occupancy Time
ROTResidue Off-Site Treatment
ROTRadar-Only Tactic
ROTReign of Tatooine (gaming clan)
ROTRoyal Operating Table (Crossing the Line Ceremony)
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Hence an organisation which takes legal possession of artwork under a transaction such as a retention of title arrangement, a PPS lease or a commercial consignment may be regarded as a grantor.
After assessing the PS's claims in bailment, retention of title, unjust enrichment, unlawful conversion of property and the option to exercise maritime liens in other jurisdictions, the court held that the PS had no case that could be defined as an adverse competing claim and that the PS was simply seeking to circumvent the insolvency procedure.
What this means for credit managers is that the Convention does not solve the problem of retention of title to the goods if the buyer does not pay.
The Parliament has also reintroduced the retention of title clause (which had been rejected by the Council).
In a BOT structure, this scenario could be carried further to include complete retention of title to the goods until final payment is received.
Sally Wheeler contributes a chapter on insolvency and retention of title clauses which hardly relates to crime and does not necessarily relate to misconduct.
62m) is payable excluding fees, retention of title and other claims arising consequent upon the bankruptcy process.
Accordingly, the directors had committed a deceit on the supplier and were personally liable to it for the sum it would have been able to recover under its retention of title clause.
The majority of the stock was either contaminated as a result of the fire, subject to retention of title claims from suppliers or past its used-by date.
It applies to a number of other business transactions not previously considered to be remittable security interests--for example, long term equipment/furniture leases, retention of title (romalpa) clauses, bailments and pledges.