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Revo will donate $10 from the sale of every pair of Revo sunglasses, including Bono's "Vision over Visibility" collection, up to a total of $10 million to the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" initiative.
For every pair of Revo sunglasses purchased, $10 from the sale will be donated to the Buy Vision, Give Sight initiative.
The Revo One will be on display at Pepcom s Digital Experience
David Naisby, business development director for AVT, comments, Like all the REVO partners, AVT has a long history of innovation and it is an honor to join the REVO group.
LFB and rEVO already operate an adjacent property as a farm for genetically altered goats that produce a clot-busting protein in their milk.
We do hope that VERTICA Properties & REVO Invest will contribute positively in developing strong ties between Turkey and GCC.
The Tensor Revo DC nutrunner provides easy positioning and access to the bolt thanks to a 360A gear swivel -- unique in a tool with an integrated torque transducer.
director of Revo Technologies added: "Our mission is building the World's
The Revo (PAAGO) Facebook Apps enable Facebook users to pay: Tuition, Donations, Rent, Homeowner Dues, and business invoices within Facebook.
Revo Re-Use[TM] sunglasses ($159-$209) are molded from 100% top-grade recycled nylon plastic so they'll make a big impact on your eyes, but not on the environment.
Smirnoff Black Modern Gentleman Gift Pack, pounds 80, from Selfridges nationwide, stockists 0800 123 400 He won't need Santa's little elves to help navigate the Revo radio's advanced features .