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Nerkh-e Roozane last showed the daily price above 35,000 rials per dollar in late December and early January, but the rial soon recovered.
Optimism could prompt Iranians to convert hard currencies and gold into rials, putting upward pressure on the currency's value and eventually hurting Iranian exports.
38 billion rials, up from 2 billion rials last year.
One of the companies, Koenig & Bauer AG of Wurzburg, Germany, says it has not responded to an Iranian request for bids to make presses to print new rials.
The state news agency Saba said the draft budget includes 65 billion rials for unpaid wage increases to public sector employees dating to 2005-2010 and 21 billion rials for increases that had been slated for 2011.
The rial had been weakening for several months after a decision last April to reduce interest rates on bank deposits to below the inflation rate.
ir a annonce que le rial avait repris mercredi 21% face au dollar passant a 14.
Nonetheless, the Iranian government denied that the decline of the rial was related to US sanctions.
Accelerating inflation is also eroding the value of savings in rials.
Summary: The Iranian currency, the rial, was devalued by 11 percent Wednesday as the government tries to liberalize its economy and curb imports.
424 billion rial budget, approved by Sultan Qaboos, was based on an average oil price of $45 a barrel, the agency said.
WHO: Rial (pronounced Rye-el), a Manufacturing Manager with Tenneco Automotive in Litchfield, Mich.