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DICKDickcissel (bird species Spiza americana)
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Nay," quoth Sir Richard, "the stables of this place are not for me, so make way, I prythee.
The wizened face of the man of law was twisted into a wrinkled smile, for in his pouch were fourscore golden angels that the Prior had paid him in fee for the case betwixt him and Sir Richard of the Lea.
I heard papa tell Richard that half his fortune should go to me on my wedding-day.
In the first place, you are to make up your mind not to marry Richard Turlington--"
And Sir Richard snapped his fingers and disappeared from the walls.
That shall I have without delay, as well as this upstart knight's estates; for King Richard is lately returned, I hear, from the Holy Land.
I haven't the least idea," said Richard, musing, "what I had better be.
That's the thing, sir," repeated Richard with the greatest enthusiasm.
Now it came close to the Revenge and the Captain asked Sir Richard what he should do, and "Sir Richard bid him save himself, and leave him to his fortune.
Richard Jones; “cover thy poll, or the frost will pluck out the remnant of thy locks.
Fear not, Wilfred,'' he said, ``to address Richard Plantagenet as himself, since thou seest him in the company of true English hearts, although it may be they have been urged a few steps aside by warm English blood.
Firmin Richard was a very distinguished composer, who had published a number of successful pieces of all kinds and who liked nearly every form of music and every sort of musician.