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DICKDickcissel (bird species Spiza americana)
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He got out two or three curtain-calico suits, which he said was meedyevil armor for Richard III.
As nobody ever saw him give anything to anybody, he had the reputation of being mean; he died with it, too, and everybody said it was a good riddance; but the minute he landed here, they made him a baronet, and the very first words Dick the sausage-maker of Hoboken heard when he stepped upon the heavenly shore were, 'Welcome, Sir Richard Duffer
A short abstract of its contents will show its similarity to the meeting of King Richard and Friar Tuck.
The friends of Firmin Richard and Armand Moncharmin thought that this lean and skinny guest was an acquaintance of Debienne's or Poligny's, while Debienne's and Poligny's friends believed that the cadaverous individual belonged to Firmin Richard and Armand Moncharmin's party.
First show me your warrants," said Sir Richard curtly.
Richard Jones; “cover thy poll, or the frost will pluck out the remnant of thy locks.
The whole road has been reminding me of my name-sake Whittington," said Richard, "and that waggon is the finishing touch.
Professor Erlin classed him with Richard Wagner, but of him he spoke not with anger but with good-humoured laughter.
For a time the Knight said not a word, but a slow red arose into his cheeks; at last he looked Robin in the face and said, "I know not why I should be ashamed, for it should be no shame to me; but, friend, I tell thee the truth, when I say that in my purse are ten shillings, and that that is every groat that Sir Richard of the Lea hath in all the wide world.
Only the last ship, the Revenge, commanded by the Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Grenville, lost the wind and was caught between two great squadrons of the Spanish.
Without an instant's hesitation, Natalie darted back to her own door, just in time to escape Richard Turlington descending the cabin stairs.
For one thing," answered Richard, rankling a little, "it won't buy one into the exclusive circles of society.