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RIELRupture of the Internal Elastic Lamina
RIELResearch Institute of Environmental Law (Wuhan University; China)
RIELResearch Institute for Enhancing Learning (University of Wales; UK)
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Kim Ly, the manager of a convenience store in Phnom Penh, said that she compensates by increasing prices in riel.
Joseph Genthon and Riel arrived shortly after, and upon being introduced to each other, the men sat down for a friendly chat.
It is) a claim which is extremely insulting to thousands of Metis people and other Canadians who consider Riel an iconic hero who forfeited his life as a result of pursuing the rights of his people," the email letter states.
He was confident that Riel Day could educate people about Metis issues.
Fortunately, he lived long enough to see how it became politically correct to proclaim one's Metis identity and to see Riel become a national hero.
Driver Sok Tha, 43, said he earns about 10,000 riel per day.
However, a sugarcane juice seller on the street near Hun Sen's house said that she received 50,000 riel last year at the premier's villa, handed out by a bodyguard.
Louis Riel is remembered as a great humanitarian, leader and above all an advocate of justice for the Mtis People," said Councillor Wong-Tam.
Louis Riel holds an honoured but somewhat ambiguous place in Canadian opera history.
Despite the incentives sound good to all; it has also driven controversies recently by workers over the deposit requirement of 30500 Riel ($7.
LEICESTER -- If any good has come from the theft of Stacy Riel-Rigiero's laptop it's been the outpouring of support from people trying to help her find the computer and replace the photographs of her son, Maverik Riel, who died at the age of 7 in 2006.