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RIJSReischauer Institute of Japanese Studies (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
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Rijs said that Maxime Verhagen, the Dutch foreign minister, had asked Venezuela's ambassador to clarify the claims made by Chavez in a speech at the climate summit in Copenhagen on Thursday.
Cobb, 34, has accused Van Rijs of using him and his half-brother Ronny to help build his criminal empire.
The seminal project was OMA's Jussieu Library competition entry (on which Maas anti van Rijs worked when with OMA).
In modern Arabic, the use of the noun rijs evokes almost exclusively such religious connotations.
We thank Jan Zoll, Ton Rijs, Hein van der Lee, Diane LamersJansen, and Birgit Brandt for excellent technical assistance.
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He is temporarily at the embassy of the Netherlands in Harare," Bart Rijs, a spokesman for the Dutch embassy, said on Monday.
Architect MVRDV: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries, with Stefan Witteman, Alex Brouwer, Joost Glissenaar, Arjan Mulder, Eline Strijkers, Willem Timmer, Jaap van Dijk, Fokke Moerel, Joost Kok
Boardman races for the French Gan team, and individual favourites are Germany's Jan Ullrich, the defending champion, Dane Bjarne Rijs, the 1996 winner, French mountain king Richard Virenque, and Marco Pantani, of Italy.
The link between the shopkeeper, Roderick McLean snr, and the smuggler, Dutchman Jan Van Rijs, was to lead to the capture and conviction of a gang of international smugglers.
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